We had a picture-perfect day!  A Saturday in mid-November!!  The weather couldn’t have been any better ... 76 degrees, a very light breeze and not a cloud in the sky!

The Island was larger than we anticipated.  We wanted to spend the day on foot in order to enjoy all the small local shops - and of course the beautiful views!  We decided to park the car at the Anna Maria City Pier.

All the parking in the area where we were at was FREE.  From the moment we exited the car - we were in awe at how quiet it was ... everyone was so laid back.  People were riding bikes and strolling through the small town shops.  The sidewalks were made out of sand and crushed sea shells - We felt like we were miles away from the busy and now much more commercialized Clearwater Beach.

We could have spent all day at The Pier - it’s very family-friendly and you can watch the sail boats glide on by!  But - we were on a mission to capture a gorgeous sunset - so our time had to be prioritized.

And just a short few blocks away - we got more than we bargained for - we found a beach wedding that was just setting up - hooray!

The white sand is so soft and therapeutic - it’s our favorite!  The sun was getting closer to setting and the wedding guests were arriving!

So we decided to have dinner at a restaurant called “The Sandbar”.  We were so lucky to get a table on the beach (literally our table was in the sand) ... we had a perfect sunset view and view of the wedding!

For dinner, we shared the Peel & Eat Shrimp.  These were so good - the food was honestly much better than we originally had thought!  We definitely recommend this place for lunch or dinner!  But get there early if you want a spot on the deck!

A few minutes before sunset, the servers came around to each table and asked you to guess what time the sun would actually set.  The exact time, to the second.  We were within 1 minute - but not the winner!

As sunset quickly approached - it was time to enjoy the cool sand between our toes and settle in for the best show nature can provide!  The sunset!

We will definitely be going back to Anna Maria Island.  It truly felt like we were on vacation - the locals were extremely nice and there was plenty to keep us busy for a Saturday day trip!  I hope you get a sunset even more majestic than the one we experienced!

Wishing You Beautiful Views and Tasty Travels!

Eric and Michelle Sachs