I have to give credit to Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes - because I’m not sure I would have done a whole big baking potato in the pressure cooker.  I’ve done the small red potatoes - which we just LOVE ... but I don’t always have those in the pantry.  These baking potatoes - yes, I almost always have on hand ... so it’s a perfect recipe to have mastered!

The texture of these potatoes is amazing.  It’s like comparing it to the texture of pressure cooked beans - it’s like their are creamier inside!  Love it.

The skin of the potato stays nice - and if you’re someone who likes the skin of your potatoes super crispy - once they are done in the pressure cooker - rub the cooked potatoes with butter, oil, salt - whatever you usually like - and place in a hot oven (like 450 degrees) - over a rack - to crisp up for a few minutes.

Here’s the Recipe:

  1. -4 large baking potatoes

  2. -1 cup of water

  3. -Garnishes of your choice


Please the rack in the bottom of the pressure cooker pot.  Pour in the 1 cup of water - the water should not be touching the rack.  You want the potatoes to steam rather than boil.

Place the potatoes on the rack and lock the lid in place.  Cook over High pressure for 18 minutes (12 minutes for medium potatoes).  Release the pressure naturally.

Carefully open the lid away from you so you don’t get a face full of steam!  Test the potatoes for doneness - a fork should slide in and out very easily.  If needed, lock the lid back into place and cook an additional 3 - 5 minutes under High pressure.  Mine have always been done at 18 minutes.

These potatoes will be very, very hot - so I remove to a cooling rack with tongs for a few minutes before diving into the for garnishing.  Or if using them for a Leftover Makeover recipe - I refrigerate them once they have cooled. 

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